Reliv Bonuses

At Reliv we reward hard work. So as you build your monthly check, you'll also earn cash bonuses and trips for reaching milestones and achieving success.

  • Fast Starting Your Reliv Business (NEW): Earn a $35 bonus for sponsoring a new Distributor who purchases a Fast Start (500PV), sponsor two new Fast Starts in the same month and earn $50 for each one and sponsor three Fast Starts in December to earn $70 for each one, that’s a $210 Cash Bonus for sponsoring three! Click here for details.

  • ReShape FitKit: Purchase the FitKit to save over $50 off the rrp of 6 ReShape and get exclusive fit3 merchandise FREE!! Click here for details.

  • Fast Start: Fast Start is a great start with our $50 Reliv Voucher.


  • MA Action Bonus! Teach your new MA’s how to build their Reliv business and Reliv will reward you both with the MA Action Bonus.

  • President's Team: This is YOUR chance to step up and join the team. Open to all RAP active Master Affiliates

  • Ready to advance your business? Advance your business and we'll reward you at every step along the way