Reliv Product Reviews

Sleeping Through the Night

Name: Mavis Nyantachi

Hometown: Auckland, New Zealand

Time for a change: I had been struggling with my health for many years. I had been to see my doctor but I wasn’t noticing any improvements. It was time for a change.  

Sleeping through the night: I have been consuming Reliv nutrition for over 12 months now. I’m so happy with how I am feeling. I’m exercising and sleeping better through the night and waking up refreshed and with more energy.

A new business opportunity: I work in a hospital, and while enjoying the products I saw the benefits of the Reliv business as well. I’ve had my Reliv business for over 12 months now and we are receiving residual income each month, and qualified to attend the 2014 Leadership Camp – an all-expenses paid trip for my husband and I to Bali!


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