Reliv Values in Action

At Reliv, our core values — quality, trust, integrity, changing lives and giving back — aren’t just speaking points. They’re the values that shape our day-to-day work.


For Reliv, corporate social responsibility is about nourishing our world in body, mind and spirit.




Reliv products provide balanced nutrition for overall wellness. From essential nutrition to weight loss, athletic performance to targeted health solutions, Reliv makes it possible for everyone to get enjoy a healthier, more active lifestyle. And that’s what wellness is all about.


Team Reliv is a U.S.-based wellness initiative encouraging more active, athletic lifestyles through fitness programs. Learn more about Team Reliv-sponsored events, exercise tracking and how you can get involved on the Team Reliv Facebook page.


Giving Back


The Reliv Kalogris Foundation’s mission is to Nourish Our World by providing nutritional supplements to support needy individuals and organizations across the globe. Since 1995, the Foundation has distributed more than $26 million in nutritional support, in over 270 feeding programs. The Foundation feeds over 42,000 impoverished people daily, proof in the power of individuals to make a difference in people’s lives.


Week of Caring is Reliv’s annual volunteering event. Reliv headquarters provides a week for employees to visit organizations across the St. Louis Metro area and volunteer during their workday. Whether it’s building housing for low-income families, assisting at a food pantry or helping organizations assist children with serious illnesses, Reliv employees are willing to do what it takes to help those who need it most. In 2011, 65 Reliv employees volunteered more than 520 hours at five nonprofit organizations.




Reliv’s mission to Nourish Our World extends beyond simply feeding it. We’re committed to taking care of it too. At Reliv headquarters, our employee-driven LivGreen initiative works to make Reliv a “greener” place to work. From our various recycling programs to more efficient lighting, Reliv has made a commitment to move toward a greener future. For example, in 2011, Reliv saved more than 500 pounds of electronics waste from going to a landfill.


Reliv’s use of soy as a primary nutrient in many products is another way we’re nourishing our world while caring for our planet. Soy protein is an environmentally sustainable, economically efficient and healthy alternative to meet growing global food demands. Soy protein is one of the most environmentally conservative protein resources available.