Reliv Distributor Advertising Guide

Reliv Advertising Guide & Resources

1. Get your guide to creating professional, compliant material. Click here for Reliv's Brand Standards.

2. Get personal business cards and more through Vistaprint.

3. Get compliance-approved Reliv logos, ads, photos and other images at Reliv's graphic library on Flickr. Adding a logo to clothing or promotional items is a great way to promote your business. Simply email a Reliv logo to your local print shop! 

4. Get the Reliv Facebook Guide for Reliv Distributors. Plus, see our instructions on how to create a Facebook Group to promote your business. And stay in the know with Reliv’s training videos.

5. Download the Reliv Asia Pacific Mobile App and the Distributor Dashboard - everything you need to run your business! 

All Distributor-created advertising and promotional materials must be submitted to Reliv's Compliance Department for approval. Send your submissions to Please allow 3-5 business days for approval.

Distributors may create their own printed advertising provided it is within Reliv’s advertising rules contained in this guide and in the Reliv Policies & Procedures. Unless you are using Reliv designed and approved advertisements, you must submit for approval in writing all advertising (e.g. brochures, flyers, audio tapes, classified or display ads, radio scripts) to Reliv before placing it or arranging for placement. 

Any internet advertising material should either be the text from one of Reliv’s pre-approved display ads for reprint or a static, one-page, business opportunity ad that is approved by Reliv prior to being posted online. For Distributor created internet ads, the only reference to Reliv allowed is an indication that the Distributor is an “Independent Relìv Distributor.” 

Distributor-created video advertising tools are not permitted.  Distributor-created materials cannot be produced for resale. Any materials created by Distributors should be for personal use. Materials using the Reliv name and/or any Reliv-owned names/ trademarks cannot be sold to other Distributors. If you have any questions regarding Reliv’s advertising guidelines, please contact Relìv’s Compliance Department at or call 1800 066 186

Advertising FAQs

Can I use the Reliv name, logo and product names in my advertising?
Yes, but whenever the company name, logo or product names are used, you must also include the words “Independent Reliv Distributor” and your name.

What is the approval process for advertising?
All forms of personally created advertising must be submitted to Reliv’s Compliance Department first for approval prior to display or publication. This includes text and photos for print ads and scripts for radio programs.

Can I use the Reliv name & logo on shirts, hats, pens, etc.?
Yes, as long as you use the appropriate Reliv logo and the logo appears in a single color. Any items you produce that have the Reliv logo on them must be for personal use and may not be resold. 

Where can I get copies of photos for use in my advertisements?
Compliance-approved ads, photos, logos and other images can be found on the Reliv Graphic Library on Flickr. Images may not be altered in any way.

Reliv cannot provide “lifestyle” shots (pictures of people or places) because these must be licensed directly from the photo supplier. However, you will find an excellent variety of “lifestyle” photos at the following links:

Is it permissible to advertise online?
Internet advertising material should either be:

  1. The text from one of Reliv’s preapproved display ads listed here:

  2.  A personal website. The webpage will be clear to viewers that the site is owned and created by an “Independent Reliv Distributor.” Sales of Reliv products and materials are only permitted through Reliv’s corporate shopping cart. Distributors are prohibited from featuring any third party shopping cart functions. (See Reliv’s Policies & Procedures D.5 for more information. 

  3.  For additional inquiries, please contact Reliv’s Compliance Department at

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