Digestive Nutrition

Fill in your daily fibre gaps with FibRestore. Formulated with 10 grams of soluble and insoluble fibre per serving, FibRestore helps you feel fuller without the extra calories.  It tastes great whether you shake it up with water or add it to your Core Nutrition shake!

  • 10 grams soluble and insoluble fiber per serving
  • Feel fuller without extra calories
  • Insoluble fiber promotes gut health, while soluble fibre supports healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels
  • Digestive enzymes and herbs reduce bloating and support metabolism
  • Antioxidants for a stronger immune system

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FibRestore Nutritional Panel

Discover the unique blend of ingredients that make this product unlike any other nutritional supplement today. 

Download nutritional panel (PDF).

Features & Benefits

Feature: A US patent

Benefit: There's only one FibRestore.

Feature: Soluble & Insoluble Fibre

Benefit: Promotes gut health, while soluble fibre supports healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels

Feature: Beta Carotene, Vitamins C & E, potent antioxidants

Benefit: It neutralizes cell-damaging free radicals.

Feature: Papain and bromelain, two key digestive enzymes

Benefit: You can promote and maintain proper digestion, relieve bloating and indigestion and help your body function more efficiently and energetically.

Feature: Inulin, a pre-biotic fibre

Benefit: Feel fuller without extra calories while you enhance calcium absorption and support healthy digestion.

Feature: Deliciously sweet flavor

Benefit: You can easily mix it in any drink, including water, juice, milk or one of your daily Reliv shakes.