Reliv Nourish™ for Kids

Essential Nutrition

By the early teens, most children receive less than 50% of the RDI of key nutrients. Reliv NourishTM for Kids bridges this nutritional gap with a broad base of vitamins, minerals and micronutrients necessary to keep growing bodies healthy, and to help boost energy and mental performance. Fortified with cell-protecting antioxidants, 5 grams of non-GMO whole bean soy, plus the “brain-building” nutrient Omega 3, one shake a day is all it takes. Ideal for children ages 2–12.

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Reliv Nourish for Kids Nutritional Panel

Discover the unique blend of ingredients that makes this product unlike any other nutritional supplement available today.

Download nutritional panel (PDF).

Features & Benefits

Feature: Broad base of basic nutrients and advanced nutrients

Benefit: For growing bodies and developing minds and boosts energy and mental performance.

Feature: DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid

Benefit: It provides a nutrient critical for normal development and function of the brain, eyes, and central nervous system.

Feature: Delicious vanilla flavour

Benefit: Kids will love the creamy, healthy shakes filled with advanced nutrition to fuel their day.

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