Exercise and Patience

Why Patience is a Fit3 Virtue

By Fit3 Head Coach Tina Van Horn

Patience is a virtue that pretty much skipped my branch on the family tree. My mom had enough patience for both of us, so maybe she used up my allotment? Whatever the case, sometimes I get drawn into the mentality of, "I want what I want, and I want it NOW.” This is especially true when it comes to seeing results with health and fitness efforts. 

We all know that despite our disillusionment, one workout doesn't make you fit and one meal doesn't make you fat. See, it works both ways with our choices, and it is actually a really good thing considering how much I love ice cream.

Fit3’s General Rule

A general rule with Fit3 is to consider how your choices will make you feel in 30 minutes as opposed to right NOW. When making a decision, ask yourself, “Will this bring me reward or regret in 30 minutes?” If I choose to eat a sweet treat, it will make me happy right now, but in 30 minutes, I will probably regret that choice. Not only will I feel guilty, but the sugar load is going to make me sluggish and tired. Instant gratification combined with delayed consequences can certainly lure us into making choices that in hindsight are loaded with guilt.

Delayed Gratification

Have you heard of the marshmallow test? Willpower is hard, but if you stay strong and delay your gratification you will be more successful in the long run and be rewarded. The results of making the healthy choice are cumulative and often subtle enough that we don't notice them, but they will be there in the end. On the other hand, there actually are some immediate benefits to drinking that glass of water or hitting the gym. They may not be visible, but you can definitely feel the impact it’s making on your body!

So next time you’re at a crossroads, ask yourself the Fit3 general rule, “Will this bring me reward or regret in 30 minutes?”